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Blaukaiser distributors

Blaukaiser distributors provide a complete range of Blaukaiser Chemical Solutions and provide samples, technical support and application services.

How we support our Distribution Partners. The Blaukaiser brand stands for professional expertise and service.

Our partners can directly benefit from our know-how by taking advantage of our BKS trainings SYSTEMS, product documentations as well as sales support and technical service.
Blaukaiser competence together with our strong brand helps you to differentiate your assortment.

Furthermore we support you in the sales development to increase the rotation of our products. Find herby different tools and services for our mutual success.

Want to be a Blaukaiser distributor, please contact:
Blaukaiser European Sales Department


Latest News

02FEB 2024

What Really Happens When You Flush an Airplane Toilet?

Airlines introduced a toilet that used Blaukaiser Fresh Kit - blue deodorizing Bio Organic Sachet that flushed away waste and combatted odor.

28AUG 2023

Blaukaiser Aircraft Industry Department

We introduce to you our current range of Blaukaiser Bio Organic Cleaners.

02APR 2023

Why Aircraft Dry Wash?

During the course of every flight, an aircraft accumulates dust and grime on its external surface.